Lent: Weekly meditation on the 'Way of the Cross'




Deze website is een initiatief van de Z. Titus Brandsmaparochie en is speciaal gericht op jongvolwassenen van 18 tot 35 jaar, oftewel 'de tweede 18 jaar'. Uiteraard is iedereen welkom die geïnteresseerd is!

Contact: pastoraal werker Yuri Saris -

Sluit venster

Every catholic church holds paintings or statues that depict the sequence of stations or steps between Jesus' persecution and His crucifixion and entombment. The object of these Stations is to help the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer, through meditating upon the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death. It has become one of the most popular devotions for Roman Catholics, usually held on friday in anticipation on 'Good Friday', the day we remember Jesus' crucifixion.

Dates: Friday-evenings March 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th, April 4th and 11th.
Time: 18.00-19.00 hrs
Place: Church 'Johannes de Doper', Bergstraat 17 Wageningen
Information: Sophie Ngala ( and Fusta Azupogo (

James Tissot - A woman whipes the face of Jesus

Sluit venster

The Z. Titus Brandsma parish welcomes a growing international catholic community (ICC). If you like to know  more about them you can visit the english part of the site dedicated to their presence and activities:

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Sluit venster

Announcement: Pilgrimage to Israel

Both faith and fascination invite many young people to visit the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’. It’s capital Jerusalem is considered a holy place for Christians, Jews and Muslims: the seat of the three main monotheistic religions.

The old stories of wonder linger deep in our culture and consciousness: Abraham in search of the Promised Land, Noah building the ark, Moses crossing the red sea, Jesus proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

Israel is a playground for archaeologists, historians and writers: the siege of Masada, the Ark of the Covenant, the destruction of the holy temple. It’s a place where nature in all its beauty and diversity thrives: the rocky Negev desert, the harp-like lake of Galilee, the peculiar Dead Sea, the oasis of Ein Gedi.

In July 2014 we will visit all these places and more. With subsidy we managed to lower the total costs. Join our trip if you want to deepen your faith, your fascination, or a bit of both. Come and share this experience with a young fellowship from all over the world.

In the footsteps of Jesus

Our main travel guide will be Jesus. We will follow him in his footsteps, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. We will listen to his words on the places where he actually spoke them. Imagine hearing the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, while you rest on its flanks surrounding the lake of Galilee. In the far distance you see the table-like silhouette of Tabor. A cool wind carries old and new words. Imagine walking through Gethsemane where Jesus prayed in hope and doubt, and seeing the old, crooked olive trees that surrounded him. Some say these are the original trees, some say they sprung from the same deep roots.

A personal pilgrimage

‘Israel’ literally means ‘He who struggles with God’. The name is taken from the famous Old Testament story in Genesis, where Jacob fights with an angel. Jacob endures the fight and is renamed ‘Israel’ by the angel. In tradition it’s understood that this angel was a hidden manifestation of God.

A struggle with God can be understood as a struggle with our faith, but also a struggle with the meaning of our existence. What questions in life make us wonder and wrestle? Ponder on them during this inspiring and exciting pilgrimage and share your thoughts with your travel companions.

Torah and Quran

The mood and character of Jerusalem are very different from what we’re used to in the Netherlands. Five times per day the Adhan, the Muslim invitation to prayer, is sung and echoes through the city. In the meantime Jewish citizens and pilgrims bow repeatedly towards the Wailing Wall and offer their prayers on little pieces of paper. On Friday the small, dusty streets of the Old City flow with Muslim citizens who go to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, on Saturday the Jewish citizens, both Chassidic and Liberal, are on their way to the synagogues. We will visit and experience these places as well, and try to understand a bit more of Judaism and Islam.

Date: July 24th – July 31st
Age: 18-35 years
Costs: €1049 all-in (including travel by plane, meals, residence, a personal cultural-historical guide, and all fees for excursions and local transport)
Subsidy: Up to €100 subsidy available if needed (making the costs €949 all-in). Please contact Yuri Saris.

Additional information will come soon. For questions or registration you can email: